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full form of TY | Do you use TY in text message?

Full form of TY

TY stands for thank you!

there are 99% of people use thank you in their conversation but 1% of people does not make sure about TY full form in a text message,

So what is the meaning of TY?

Simple when you chatting on social media platform you always treat a person is especially as lady feel comfortable, that for you need to talk with her very politely, and always trying to very agree with her, complement with TY in short words and it works.


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ICDS' full form is an Integrated Child Development Service.
ICDS provides 6 types of services as follows: Basic NutritionImmunizationReferral servicesHealth check-upPre-school educationalNutrition and health educationFor what reason is ICDS an issue for socially barred groups?
It is clear from the data that nutritional penetration is not universal across India: 42.5% of Indian children are underweight. But this figure is significantly higher for socially excluded groups: 43.1% girls, 47.9% children are SC and 54.5% for ST children.
Similar disparities are seen in vaccination. While only 43.5% of children in India have received the full set of vaccinations, the figures for socially excluded groups are even higher: only 39.7% of SC children, 31.3% of ST children and 36.3% of Muslim children. Is kind of immune.
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